Videos: Experiences and training

Creating a Prayer Space in School

Prayer Spaces in Schools - Intro Video

Getting Started with Prayer Spaces in Schools Seminar - 2017

Prayer Space - Set up (Time lapse)

Training about Prayer Spaces

Supporting Spiritual Life in School

'Spiritual Development & SMSC', Nicola Powell, 2013

Keynote, Pete Greig, 2015

'Prayer Spaces & Pastoral Care', Amy Crick, 2013

'Prayer Spaces & Chaplaincy', Tim Abbott, 2013

Naming the elephant: reflection spaces for loss and grief. With Paul Nash

Children's and Young People's mental health: What's happening and how can we respond?

Me and the World - Jo Herbert-James

Me & God: Discovering God in the space - Bishop Paul Butler

Me and Self: Not another selfie? - Jim Davis

Meditation in schools seminar part 2


Interview Tim Abbott (Director CYO)

Interview: Sue Croft (Head teacher)

Interview: Charl Harman (Chaplain)

Interview: Chris Blockley (Chaplain)

Interview with Phil Togwell (24/7 Prayer Spaces)

Interview with ITV, Off The Fence - Cardinal Newman School (exams)

Prayer Spaces in Schools - Research Dissemination Presentation, 2017

Experiences in schools

Introducing Prayer Spaces to one of our primary schools

Prayer Spaces In Schools Scotland

Prayer Spaces in Schools Ireland

Linwood High Soul Space

Sherringham Soulspace

Idle Primary School

Aylesford Primary

Northfield Academy

Prayer Spaces - Soul Space

Hear about BeSpace - an opportunity to be and to pray in Oxfordshire

Prayer Spaces in School Appeal 2015

Prayer Spaces in Schulen, Germany

How the conference impacted my school, Germany

Prayer Spaces - St John's, Australia

Prayer Spaces in Schools at Foster Lake

Prayer Spaces in Schools - 'Student-Led Prayer Spaces', Zoe Moass, 2013

Prayer Spaces - Australian Training Tour Invite