Weekly Assembly

Week 4

16 - 20 November 2020


The SLT or any educator who is conducting the assembly will address the students positively saying good morning to all. One can start this assembly with the sign of the cross: "In the name of the Father, and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen"


Today I would like to tell you that those of you who will grow fast into adulthood will experience old age sooner. I invite you today to appreciate your childhood and teenage years. On the 20th Of November the world will be celebrating ‘World Children’s Day’. Let’s watch together the video which UNICEF prepared last year for this celebration.

World Children's Day 2019 - UNICEF

Ask kids to stop for a few seconds to think about what they saw.

Reflective Thought

We are the change!!! At times we are so busy in our lives that we take everything for granted. We hardly stop and think. However, these young people like you are showing us that we cannot remain uninterested because all children need to be granted the right to live their childhood having the basic needs met. Every child has the right to live life with dignity. The respect we are talking about this year leads us to respectfully work and give our share in creating a better society and a just world where all children can truly celebrate their childhood.


We thank you God for all children of all ages, races, genders, nations, political and religious beliefs. We ask you to kindle the hearts of all of those who can help them grow with dignity so they will not be afraid to do this mission. Give us the courage to overcome laziness, selfishness and our indifference so that we do our best to protect the lives and dignity of children like us.


This song can be used as a conclusion to this special assembly celebrating Universal Children’s Day.

Download this plan as a PDF document

Respect Towards all the Children in the World & Childhood.pdf

Prayer Corner