Weekly Assembly

Term 2 Week 7

15 - 21 February 2021


The SLT or any educator who is conducting the assembly will address the students positively saying good morning to all. One can start this assembly with the sign of the cross: "In the name of the Father, and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen"


Ash Wednesday is the start of lent. Although we tend to carry simple sacrifices during these 40 days, they are not meant as suffering, but to help us appreciate the gift of Easter more. On Ash Wednesday we are marked with ashes, which remind us that we should stay humble. Let us watch this clip.

Inspirational Video - Be Kind To Others

What happened in this clip?

Reflective Thought

The ashes remind us that we came from nothing and will become nothing – not to scare us but to help us stay grounded, humble, and respect each other’s dignity. In the clip one person helped another, one respected another. No one was more or less, all people, all ashes, all the same.


Dear God, we pray for a blessed lent. May it be a time of eye-opening experiences that draw us closer to you. Amen

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