Advent Activity

Celebrate in style - Preparation cannot be missed

Aim: Preparing ourselves for the birth of Jesus in our hearts. Advent time.

We Are Learning To (W.A.L.T.):

  • Recognize our potential as human beings to have an open disposition to welcome God’s love in our hearts and lives.

  • Reflecting on our messy lives, messy surroundings and messy hopes.

  • The meaning of Advent.

  • Recognize the importance of Advent.

  • Evaluating ways of how we can make the utmost of this time.

Time: 45 min


Introduction - 5 min

After giving a warm welcome to all the youths who will be participating in this activity, the Religious Counsellor will take some time and wait until everyone settles down and participants are waiting in silence to listen to what he has to say.

The Religious Counsellor will ask his audience to stop and watch this short film:

Step 1 - 5 min

Processing of the video:

  • Any comments about the video we saw?

Open question for their interpretations.

  • Why do you think I chose to start by showing you this video today?

Through processing of their answers, the conclusion is to be because Christmas is soon coming.

  • So, if Christmas is soon coming what time are we living now?

Time before Christmas - Advent.

  • What link can you see between Advent and this short clip we just saw?

Through the processing of their answers the conclusion is to be that during this time Christ is knocking on your hearts’ door. Will you let him in?

Step 2 - 5 min

Some reflection time and the question posed will be repeated: Will you let him in?

Maybe the following video clip will help you answer.

Skit Guys - Sticky Jesus

Step 3 - 10 min

Processing of the video:

On a piece of paper write one word that came up to your mind after you saw this clip. (If mentimeter tool can be used online it will make the results more interesting for the participants to view and reflect upon).

The focus will be drawn upon the word MESSY. Leading to a setup on the previous lines of thought.

Will you let him in your

  • messy world,

  • messy thoughts,

  • messy things,

  • messy family,

  • messy life,

  • messy dreams and hopes?

Step 4 - 10 min

What is Advent?

How will you prepare your heart to let him in?Through the processing of the video these points which were already shown in the video will be highlighted:

  • Praying - talk more to God about my feelings, thoughts and hopes,

  • Loving others,

  • Encouraging others,

  • Bringing joy to the broken,

  • Seeking peace wherever I am.

Conclusion - 5 min

Some time spent in prayer, asking God to help us celebrate and live Advent in style. The following links can be used as very soft background music during this praying time.

Advent Activity 2020 En Middle and Secondary Years.pptx

Download the plan as PDF

Celebrate in Style - English - Senior.pdf