Lent Activity

Celebrate in Style - United in Love

Aim: Lent is the time when we remember Jesus’ Love for us and we share it with others. Through this activity children will understand this concept.

We Are Learning To (W.A.L.T.):

  • Love one another

  • Be friends

Time: 45 mins


  • A large picture of a giraffe and a heart, surrounded by other animals. (Slide 5)

  • Giraffe and Kangaroo, and the Good Samaritan flash cards to compare the giraffe with the good Samaritan. (Slide 13)

  • Pencils/Pens/Crayons

Introduction - 3 mins

Children sing this song together as a start-up of the activity.

Step 1: Circle Time - 10 mins

Through this exercise, the children will learn about the good qualities of the giraffe – Why is the giraffe a helpful and gentle animal, why he has numerous animal friends and they seek his help, and also why his big heart is significant.

The Religious Counsellor or teacher/animator may set up the image on the interactive board for all children (according to age) and look at it for a few minutes, or he/she can distribute a laminated one for each child. Then this small exercise will take place. Give some time to the children to give their opinions:

  • What can you see in the picture? (children will take turns).

  • The Religious Counsellor or Educator forms a web with the children’s insights.

  • Then the Religious Counsellor or Educator will relate this short story/reflection to the children. It would also be interesting if the children themselves read a sentence each.

  • The giraffe is a very special animal.

  • It has an exceedingly long neck, and its head is several meters in the air.

  • It is not easy to pump blood to such a height and for this the giraffe has to have a huge heart.

  • The giraffe’s heart weighs various kilos, beating strongly to move the blood so far.

  • Its height, which has been gaining in millions of years of evolution to be able to reach the leaves of trees, also allows it a much broader field of vision since it looks from on high.

  • When the giraffe moves, many other animals congregate around it, trusting in his sight.

  • These other species can keep close, and in fact, they do, because they know that the giraffe is neither an enemy nor a danger.

  • It is, rather, a gentle animal.

Step 2: Storytelling - 4 mins

Have you ever heard about the parable/the story of the Good Samaritan?

(If there are children who knows the narrative, let them relate (two to three children).

Step 3: Hands-On - 15 mins

Relation of the Story of the Good Samaritan

Bible Activity - Il-Ħanin Samaritan

The RC or the educator may choose some of these activities:

  • Colouring Page

  • Vocabulary in the story

Step 4: Comparing the Giraffe with the Good Samaritan - 5 mins

Once we’ve read both the story of ‘Ginger the Giraffe’ and the narrative of ‘The Good Samaritan’, in what ways one can compare the giraffe with the Good Samaritan?

i. The Giraffe: The Good Samaritan

ii. Mickey the Monkey and the other animals, the robbed man. Those who are in need.

Step 5: Game: Continuum - 8 mins

(If there is more time available children can play this easy game).

This cooperative game also lets even the shyest kids break the ice and get to know one another. Divide the kids into groups of six to 10 people. Pick a theme and have the kids arrange themselves in the correct order to create a continuum. This could be favorite colours arranged in the order of the rainbow, birth month from first, last or dark color shirts to lightest, numbers or shoe size. No team loses in this game, but you can applaud the team that got into the right order the fastest.

Through this game, children will understand and learn that only together we can achieve.

Conclusion: Action Song - 3 mins

This song concludes the activity. Children stand up and sing the song together.