Advent Activity

Celebrate in Style - Let us all become Giraffetians

Aim: Lent will be the time when we will answer to God’s Call in becoming a better version of ourselves.

We Are Learning To (W.A.L.T.):

  • Recognise the wonder of nature and all created things.

  • Identify Four qualities of the giraffe.

  • Relate the four qualities to the Good Samaritan.

  • Explain that we can become Giraffetians because God the creator of us all has a BIG HEART.

  • Conclude that Lent is the time in which God is inviting us to become more like the Giraffe- like the Good Samaritan - Like HIM.

Time: 45 min


Introduction - 5 mins

After giving a warm welcome to all the youths who will be participating in this activity, the Religious Counsellor will take some time and wait until everyone settles down and participants are waiting in silence to listen to what he has to say.

The Religious Counsellor will ask his audience to stop and watch this short film:

Step 1 - 5 mins

A sample idea of how to process the video:

  • Any comments about the video we saw?

Open question for their interpretations.

  • Why do you think I chose to start by showing you this video today?

Through the processing of their answers, the conclusion is to become aware of the marvel of God’s hands in the beauty of the life of all creatures.

  • Can you mention any one of the creatures we say and why you like that creature?

Open question for their interpretations.

The creature I will choose is the Giraffe because it helps me become the best version of myself. Let us discover together some qualities the Giraffe has. What makes a Giraffe so special?

Step 2 - 5 mins

After hearing the answers of the students, the RC will come up with the following qualities of a Giraffe:

Big Heart- This is its source of life because if it did not have a big heart the oxygen would not reach its head.

Very Tall Legs- This was the result after millions of years of evolution.

Very Tall Neck- This enables it to have a broader vision.

A Gentle Animal- Other animals congregate around it trusting its sight.

Step 3 - 10 mins

The RC will then ask:

  • How can these qualities of the Giraffe help me and all of us become a better version of ourselves?

He will tell them that the following video might help them to think how and why these 4 qualities of the Giraffe can transform us to become better and live happier.

The Good Samaritan with Bible narration (

Step 4 - 10 mins

Through the processing of the video the following points will emerge:

  • Like the Giraffe the Good Samaritan had a Big Heart. The Samaritan’s Big Heart was a source of life for him and for the victim.

  • Like the Giraffe the Good Samaritan was who he was because of years of evolution and formation.

  • Like the Giraffe the Good Samaritan had a broader vision. He knew he could not leave that man tortured alone and carry on with his life as if the life of that man did not matter. He saw far beyond what others would say about him.

  • Like the Giraffe the Good Samaritan was trustworthy.

  • During this time of Lent, we have an invitation to try our best in becoming Giraffitans (Giraffe and Samaritans) :-).

  • We can have Big Hearts because God who created us on his own image has The Biggest Heart of All. He loves us no matter what - He loved us so much, he gave us the gift of life.

  • He always loves us, as we grow up and change, he loves us when we do not love ourselves and even when we do not love him - He waits for us to go for the sacrament of reconciliation.

  • He patiently stays next to us while we evolve and develop a broader vision. He teaches us how to be on the lookout so that we can live our lives to the full - He guides us through His Words in the Bible and through the power of the Eucharist.

  • We can surely trust Him for He kept his promise to free us - He sent His Son Jesus to set us free and to lead us closer to Him.

Conclusion - 5 min

As a conclusion to this session the RC will invite the students to watch this video and spend some minutes in personal prayer. He will lead the students to this moment of prayer by setting up the atmosphere for personal prayer.