Weekly Assembly

Week 2

2 - 6 November 2020


The SLT or any educator who is conducting the assembly will address the students positively saying good morning to all. One can start this assembly with the sign of the cross: "In the name of the Father, and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen"


As you all know this week we had the mid-term holidays. During these holidays we celebrated All Saints and All Souls Days. Let's watch together this short video which speaks about one of these feasts.

All Saints Day For Kids

Ask kids to stop for a few seconds to think whether they respect others or not.

Reflective Thought

This year during the month of November we are going to celebrate more the feast we celebrated on the 1st of November dedicated to All The Saints. We are going to thank God for all the saints. Saints can be family members or friends who passed away and are next to God because they respected and loved:

a. God,

b. others and

c. every living thing.

Now it's our turn to love them and pay them back respect by thanking God for them and following their example.


Dear God we thank you for this day. We thank you for all the saints who helped us to get to know you more and showed us how to Love and Respect you, one another and all of creation. We pray that we become saints like them by following their example.

Download this plan as a PDF document

Respect for the Life of the Saints.pdf