Lent Activity

Celebrate in Style - United in Love

Aim: Lent is the time when we remember Jesus’ Love for us and we share it with others.

We Are Learning To (W.A.L.T.):

  • Love one another

  • Be friends

Time: 40 min


  • A large picture of a giraffe and a heart, facing upwards and surrounded by other animals.

  • Cardboard and paints for the craft.

  • Giraffe and Kangaroo, and the Good Samaritan flashcards to compare the giraffe with the good Samaritan.

Introduction - 3 mins

Song: God’s Love Is So Wonderful

Step 1: Circle Time - 10 mins

The teacher/animator may set up the image on the interactive for all children (according to age) to look at, or he/she can distribute a laminated one for each child.

  • What can you see in the picture? (children will take turns)

  • The Religious Counsellor or Educator forms a web with the children’s insights.

  • Then the Religious Counsellor or Educator will relate this short story/reflection to the children:

        • The giraffe is a very special animal.

        • It has a tall neck, and his head is always high.

        • His head is very close to his heart.

        • This makes it difficult for the giraffe to pump blood.

        • The giraffe has a big heart that beats strongly to help him pumps blood.

        • Since his head is always up high the giraffe has a wider vision than all animals in the jungle.

        • The other animals always gather around the giraffe and he shares with them the view he is gazing at. His animal friends trust in him.

        • The giraffe is a gentle animal.

Step 2: Hands-On - 15 mins

Giraffe puppet and heart craft:

Step 3: Storytelling - 3 mins

George the Generous by Kameron Trumbo (Pre-School)

Question Time:

1. What is the name of the giraffe in the story?

2. Why was he a helpful giraffe?

3. Whom did giraffe help to cut the grass?

Step 4: Comparing the Giraffe with the Good Samaritan- 5 mins

i. The Giraffe: The Good Samaritan

ii. The kangaroo and the other animals, the robbed man. Those who are in need.

Relation of the Story of the Good Samaritan:

The Good Samaritan I New Testament Stories I Children's Bible Stories| Holy Tales Bible Stories

Step 5: Game: The Giraffe Helps - 5 mins

Outline a large square on the floor. Make teams of five kids each and have the kids link together by standing in a line. (with a distance). When the music is playing, the team leader (the Giraffe) must guide the others to “walk” in the middle of the square. When it stops, he must get them outside the square to marked spots on an “island” to escape the “snake.” The leader of the team then goes to the end of the line and the person at the front becomes the new leader and must get the team quickly back into the “water” when the music starts again and to safety when it stops. This game makes each child responsible for the safety of others and promotes teamwork as the kids work to stay together during this fast game.

Conclusion: Action Song - 3 mins

Love One Another. Sing the song while holding the puppet.

Yancy & Little Praise Party - Love One Another [Official Music Video] from Happy Day Everyday