Prayer Spaces - Christmas

Students' Section


This is not just a craft activity or a topic-based lesson like any other. This is a moment of inner expression revealed also in the drawings, write-ups and crafts. When setting up, leading and living these prayer-spaces one is to remind oneself that the primary aims are to provoke reflective thinking and conversations between us humans and our Awesome Creator-God. These prayer spaces are meant to sustain this years’ theme of respect towards God, oneself and others.

Animator's Section


This is another invitation to celebrate Christmas time in style with those who God entrusted to your care, guidance and love. Your service is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to your school community. A gift that will last a lifetime because a prayer space is not just for Christmas or Easter but for life that is why we thank God for having you on board helping us with this ongoing spiritual and pastoral life experience at school.